summertime baby tarpon…


photo courtesy of Alejandro Hernandez, Owner/guide of Campeche Tarpon

Date: August 11th through 18th, 2018
Let’s fish baby tarpon together! Me, Enrico Puglisi and Alejandro Hernandez of Campeche Tarpon are hosting a fun week of fly fishing the mangroves for baby tarpon in Campeche, Mexico.


From Left: Enrico Puglisi, Alejandro Hernandez, and Al Q

We encourage you to bring your vise and fly tying tools because, the master, Enrico Puglisi and myself will be demonstrating various, deadly tarpon patterns every night before dinner. Enrico will be furnishing fly tying materials for all of us to use.
I am trying to keep this week to a group of 8 anglers. Two anglers/one guide per boat.
We have some spots available. If you are interested, please email me directly @ and i will provide a pdf with the details of the trip.  A fun trip for those starting out in saltwater fly fishing. Really looking forward to this one. Tight lines

-Al Q




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Enrico Puglisi materials day…


Save the date: I will be doing a FREE in-store demo at the Pasadena Orvis Fly Shop in a few weeks of some of my favorite local fly patterns using EP (Enrico Puglisi) fly tying materials and showing you how easy or complicated you can make fly tying. LOL Actually the materials are very easy to use once you learn the proper techniques and have the right tools to keep thing simple.

I will tie a modified Surfin Merkin/sand crab (corbina are right around the corner folks), a shad (freshwater bass), a squid (everything in saltwater eats squid, even me!), a anchovy/sardine (local inshore fav) and a bluegill (Large Mouth Bass).

It should be fun, I hope to see you there and hopefully some new faces too…



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for the love of carp…

I just wanted to thank my buddies Trevor Tanner, Dustin Sergent, Jon Nakano, and Jim Solomon for taking the time to spend a few hours up at the Fishermens’s Spot with me to share their knowledge and help to change lives. This is the best story that came out of our Carp Town Hall this past weekend. A young boy named Ali and his dad, Haissam were glued watching us tie some carp flies and asking great questions about carp on the fly.  Trevor spent time with him making sure he was on point. Ali sat and soaked up all the nuggets of great information in Trevor and Dustin’s presentations. The next day Ali wanted to catch his first fish on the fly and he wanted it to be a carp! So Frank from the Spot took him down to the LA River and they hooked two and landed one beauty. Look at that kid’s smile! That is what it is all about folks, the torch has been past and I am sure Ali will become a great steward and example of fly fishing to his generation. As lefty alway said: “Pass Knowledge forward”

This was the email I received from Ali’s dad last night!

Hi Al,
I know you saw Ali got his first fish on the fly and got his wish for that fish to be a Carp.  It was a pretty sweet fight to watch go down and this beauty took more than a few runs.
You asked for a pic, so here’s one from my camera that hasn’t been posted yet.  

Ali says “Hooked up with a Carp before this one with one of the flies you gave me (you=Al Q) but it managed to escape, thank you very much.”  end of Ali quote

Thanks for the workshop yesterday!
From one generation to the next, anglers take notes while dreaming of that big fish to come. (Jim Burns)

From one generation to the next, anglers take notes while dreaming of that big fish to come. (photo: Jim Burns)


photo courtesy of Ali’s dad, Haissam

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sunblock is your friend…


Just got back from a new dermatologist. I got a good report, she was impressed that my bald head looks so good given the sun exposure I have had. I attribute this to always wearing a hat, buff and good sunscreen. I always want to learn and ask what sun screen do they personally use, given the fact they see it all. Well, here are two products she just suggested, I bought the lip balm ($10) and will buy the Raw Elements product next online. It comes out of Rhode Island.  When a dermatologist tells you she uses these products on her baby, i listen. These two products use zinc which we both feel stays on longer and is the most effective form on protection and they have no harmful chemicals or additives. Just sharing the love with y’all, I know there are many choices out there, the point is, please use sun screen and cover up so you can enjoy many more days on the water! This has been a public service announcement…lol

peace and love

-Al Q

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Should be a fun Carp Open House this Saturday, May 5th at the Fishermen’s Spot in Van Nuys with me, Trevor Tanner and Dustin Sergent. Fly tying at 11am, Presentation at Noon! Also my good friend Darin Elmore will be on hand to discuss and test cast Scientific Angler‘s newest fly lines. We will tie a few flies, do a Q & A, discuss carp tactics. I will show a few Carp Throw Down slides and the boys may do some casting techniques in the parking lot. Bring lots of questions, plan on having fun and learning some new things, I know I will! LOL

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a friday smile :)

Mill Brook After Snow

Ice on Mill Brook, Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 24″ © 2018, all images courtesy of Galen Mercer.

Ice Bound Brook, Catskills

Ice Bound Brook, Catskills, Oil on Cradled Panel, 20″ x 24″ © 2018, all images courtesy of Galen Mercer.

Ice On Mill Brook

Mill Brook After Snow, Oil on Canvas, 19″ x 25″
© 2018, all images courtesy of Galen Mercer.


I happen to be the proud owner of one of Galen Mercer’s original flats paintings and it makes me smile every single time I look at it. Its a painting of a beautiful turquoise flat in the Marquesas, due south of Key West, the magical place I caught my first tarpon on the fly. A memory I will treasure my entire life.

Galen is a very talented landscape artist and if your serious about owning original art from a modern day master, i would consider one of his paintings. Galen just sent me some new work which i would like to share with you, hope it makes you smile too…give him a shout if you have any questions…or click on his name to take you to his studio website.

In Galen’s words, “I am enclosing the first of what I feel has been a good winter’s work. In the wake of several large snowstorms, and picking up a theme begun last year, I journeyed to the Catskills seeking painting subjects among the smaller brooks and streams. This newest group consists of three pools along Mill Brook, a lovely trout stream and tributary of the Pepacton reservoir. I learned recently that both Harry Darbee and A.J. McLane believed this stream the prettiest in the Catskills. Certainly a judgement call (so much lovely water) but it is undeniably among the least changed. These minor rivers and streams have a beauty that seems very much removed from time.”
2946 VT Route 313 West
Arlington, VT. 05250
 Tel – (802) 375-9537



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save the dates! first one is coming up



I will be doing a series of Fly Shop fly tying dates this year on behalf of my good friend Enrico Puglisi and his wonderful fly tying materials, which I will use to demo five basic baits we use in Southern California. I will be doing a altered version of the surfin merkin (sand crab), a squid, anchovy or sardine, bluegill and shad. Hope you can come by and heckle me, lol. This is the first of four dates. The dates are below:

Shop Enrico Puglisi products.

Saturday, May 26th at the Orvis Pasadena Fly Shop from noon to 3pm
Saturday, June 23rd at the Fly Stop, San Diego from noon to 3pm
Sunday September 16th ate The Fisherman’s Spot, from 12 to 3pm
Saturday, October 13th at Marriotts Flyfishing from noon to 3pm

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the beans are coming…


photo courtesy of Larry Acord

Our good friend and local angler, Larry Acord had a great day flyfishing off the beach this past Saturday, just north of Ventura by landing three corbina on fly in 59 degree water. The fish were apparently cruising in deep water, way off the beach. Two of the three fish were caught on a Qs Beach Bug which is a good early season attractor pattern. What is really cool, is that we have been practicing our casting almost every week. Most of the time we work on short accurate casts which really are the money cast, but lately we have been practicing long shots of 80 plus feet, well it paid off for Larry. WTG dude!

“Saturday: 7 wt NRX Loomis…..8/9 Nautilus reel…8wt Rio Beach/Surf….using the bigger set up because there were so many sharks……Had to use everything I had to get this fish.  Only had 5 or 6 wraps of flyline on the reel….YES!!  90+ foot cast at a 45 degree angle to the shore to get past the point.  2 strips and watched him take it…..10-12 minute fight… put him on the rock for a quick pic and got him back in the water to revive him.  Wanted to thank all you guys for the help and advice and especially Al Q and Jim Solomon for getting me in the Fly Zone and being able to make that cast.” – Larry Acord

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pic of the day…


A healthy 26 inch brown trout courtesy of our friend, Ken Harada from Culver City. Ken caught this beauty on an assassin nymph at the East Walker river in California. WTG brudda. Photo by Ken Harada


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pics of the day…

These two photos were emailed to me over this past weekend by my fly fishing buddy and late night guru, Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy was recently fly fishing in a beautiful isolated Pacific atoll called Tetiaroa, once the home of Marlon Brando. He sight fished that beautiful bonefish using a gotcha fly, DIY style. The trevally was landed on a cuban crab fly. WTG bro! It doesn’t get better than that!

Tetiaroa is located 33 miles north of Tahiti. I was fortunate to sail from Tahiti to Tetiaroa for a day trip back in 1986 and it was one of the most beautiful places I ever set foot on. I remember we threw the anchor just outside the atoll in 150 feet of water and it was sitting on the bottom as clear as a bell. I jumped off the sail boat with my snorkel and i felt like I was suspended in space, the water was so clear, all the beautiful reef fish swaying in the current along side the outside atoll walls, it was absolutely surreal. The island is as tall as a palm tree with approximately 13 interior motus or small islands within it’s protected barrier ring. I remember one of the motus having many sea birds nesting on it, too bad for me, I didn’t have my fly rod packed with me back then…


the island of Tetiaroa

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a sad day for the flyfishing world…


March 14th, 2018

Today, is a very sad day for thousands of people including myself. Today, I lost my friend and mentor, Lefty Bernard Kreh, one of he greatest flyfisherman to have ever graced the face of our planet. If you were fortunate to know him you were blessed. He was a kind southern gentleman, always had a great story or joke and made you feel you were the center of the universe. I met Lefty up on Hot Creek in the early nineties and we spent three days together, he taught me how to throw a long line, how to skip a fly across the surface of a stream and was just a great teacher, of all things in life. We remained friends since. There will be a million stories and articles written about Lefty, now that he is has passed, but I personally want to remember Lefty as the person with that sparkle in his eye, his contagious laugh and million dollar smile. He came from a lost generation, a generation that saw war, depression and experienced the American dream and her bountiful resources. He along with Joe Brooks opened our imaginations to a new world with fly rods blazing. They allowed us all to dream and explore far away places through their adventures in fishing. Lefty relentlessly gave us his knowledge through television shows, books, countless videos and fly show demos through the course of his life. He was the best! Dan Blanton has a great saying which I love and totally describes Lefty’s stature. Greatness whispers it never shouts! Lefty never had to prove anything, he just did it effortlessly and changed our worlds through fly fishing. God Bless ya Lefty! We will all miss ya pal.

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