Save the date…the Qman is coming to a beach near you!

We are going to the big pond! I will be doing the Southern California fly fishing club circuit this summer. For those of you that might want to try your hand in some saltwater beach fly fishing, I will try to take the pain out of it and break it down so you can be safe and understand all you need to know to DIY it and have fun…hope to see some new faces! ūüôā I will also have my new fly design, “Come Fly With Me” long sleeve shirts available for purchase, supplies are limited…

Club Dates:

Santa Barbara Fly Fishers: Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Fly Fishing Club of Orange County: Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Pasadena Casting Club: Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Golden State Flycasters: Monday, July 17th, 2017

Wilderness Fly Fishers & Sierra Pacific Flyfishers: Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Sespe Fly Fishers: Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

tight lines…

-Al Q

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Qs red pelagic crabs…

Sat down last night and knocked out a few simple Q red pelagic crab flies for some offshore fly fishing. These crabs are everywhere right now and make up a large source of protein for many pelagic species.
These are really easy to tie, you just need to prepare your materials ahead of time.
What I mean is the fly is very easy to assemble once you have the proper materials. For instance, my buddy Denny powder-coated some Flymen Flyfishing Sculpin Heads (small) for me, I pre-made, hand cut my claws with clear silicone/red ep fibers and had some EP shrimp eyes, or you can make your own? I am using a 3/0 “secret” hook that I am field testing, but any good hook will work providing you can get the sculpin head to fit the diameter of the shaft. The rest of the materials are red wool, barred orange/black sili-legs and orange krystal flash for (antenna). It’s a realistic yet simple fly that gets the job done…hope you like?



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CTD results are in…



for more information and photos, please visit the official carp throwdown website!
the new photo gallery should be up in the next day or so.


-Al & Conway


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save the date…june 3rd

The 9th Annual Carp Throwdown brought to you by Conway Bowman and me is happening Saturday, June 3rd 2017 at Carp Headquarters, Lake Henshaw in San Diego. If you have never participated in this event, it is a blast and one of my favorite fishing events of the year. Its the place that the best carp fisherman all converge to highlight their skills and get drunk, LOL. Only kidding! Some of the best people I have ever met are at the CTD for sure, great group of guys and girls. There will be music and popcorn on Friday night and we have an amazing raffle to help support our good friends at Healing Waters. Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors that help make this possible. Hope to see some new faces this year. Cheers

-Al Q

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the double haul ball this saturday!



This is a fun educational day to meet new friends and learn all you need to know about fly casting and tying flies from our local experts…Please help support CastHope at this year’s raffle. Hogan Brown and Ryan Johnston have flown down from Northern Cal to do a presentation¬†and chat about their wonderful¬†organization. There will be bluegrass music and a lunch break between noon and 1pm.¬†I’m unfortunately gonna miss it this year due to the passing of a very close friend back in New York. I will be there in spirit. Special thanks to our friends at AFTCO who donated some really cool shirts and hats to the raffle this year….tight lines everybody

Map to the Long Beach Casting Club!


-Al Q

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yeti presents 120 days…



the tarpon represent the poster children of saltwater flyfishing. they are strong, they eat well presented flies, they jump and they break hearts. felt soul media just produced this short film that demands a view from all who have had the amazing experience of tarpon flyfishing in the keys but more importantly those that may never had that opportunity. this film paints an accurate picture of the obsession of tarpon flyfishing for sure. enjoy!


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somerset flyfishing show…

What a great time me and my flyfishing/fly tying friend, Peter Koga had tying flies at the Somerset Flyfishing show this past weekend. I worked the show tying for Tuffleye and helping out in booth with owners, Ashley and her dad, Ned Lunt. Jason Taylor, Peter Koga, and the master, Bob Popovics all dropped in and tied flies at our booth during the three day event.

For me, originally¬†from Brooklyn, it always¬†feels like a high school reunion when I come back east to the Somerset¬†show¬†in particular.¬†Having the¬†opportunity to see so many talented east coast friends in one place, always blows me away. This show in my opinion is the best of the best. I am always humbled by so many great fly tiers there, too many to name¬†and I always come¬†away inspired, like a kid in a candy store. It’s a great place to shop for prime fly tying¬†materials as well. Chuck and Ben Furimsky do a nice job organizing this event. I hear next year it will not be in Somerset, there will be a new location¬†to be announced.

This year’s show was well attended¬†with packed aisles, we even had a cameo appearance by Donald Jr. and his secret service as they strolled down each aisle chatting¬†with all the vendors and fly fisherman. Highlights of the show for me was sitting with Bob Pop and just watching him tie and dinner with old friends Lily Renzetti, Ned Lunt, Ashley Armbruster, Peter Koga and hearing Bob Clouser tell us some of the most hilarious fishing stories, I haven’t laughed or cried that hard in a while.

If any of you have not tried the Tuffleye brand of products and have any questions, please forward them to me and I will do my best to help answer you. Tuffleye in my opinion is the best light cured acrylic on the market using non UV, visible blue light. Its a safe product that has been used in the dental profession for over sixty years. Bob Popovics turned me on to this when it first hit the market and I haven’t used drop of epoxy¬†since. Visit the Wet-A-Hook technologies¬†website here!

Check out this cool VIDEO by my friend Capt. Ray Stachelek


Al Q and Howler Bros / Costa Sunglasses poster child, Oliver White.


My man man and fly tying mentor, Bob Popovics.


Long line, Mark Sedotti, Al Q and the greatest tournament caster of all time, Steve Rajeff at the G Loomis booth.


Squid fly tied by Al Q with a Tuffleye/Popovics squid foil using flex, a soft flexible cured acrylic


Bob Popovics and Ned Lunt of Tuffleye


Old friend, John McMurray of One More Cast, popped by to say hello! John got fifty stitches in his lip from a surfing accident but it didn’t affect his smile. LOL


These two young fellas just needed a hug. Nothing I can say that can reflect how much admiration I have for these two guys…


Peter Laurelli, one of my favorite fly fishing film makers. Check out Peter in the new “Running the Coast ” video by Jamie Howard.


Jonny King, one of the best fly tyers on the planet. Always good to check-in and hang with Jonny…


Two of the finest people and fly tiers, Jason Taylor and David Nelson hanging at the Tuffleye booth.


After dinner, group shot in the hotel lobby. Scott Stryker and Lily Renzetti far left. Scott is one hell of a fly tyer…


Pat Cohen at his booth. Pat is one talented dude. It was fun hanging with him this year.


Bob Popovics demonstrating a flex candy in th e Tuffleye booth.


Bob Popovics tying the Beast! Worth the price of admission for sure!


Bob Popovics tying the Beast! Worth the price of admission for sure!


Ashley Armbruster, my buddy and the Queen of Tuffleye.

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here’s a topic to ponder…


Click here to witness the next wave of drones.¬†How do you feel about this new technology for fishing, please voice your opinions here, i am very curious… ¬†visit PowerRay website

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just encase? new clear boxes


Check out these cool clear storage boxes that can be used for big or small flies…developed by muskie fisherman but have get fly potential as well…

Click Here!

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ca king tides project…


This just came across my desk the other day by my contributing editor, Dr. John Whitaker.
Check out this website, it sounds like a great project the we can all participate in.

December 2016
We are looking forward to King Tides on Dec 12-14 & Jan 10-13!  Get ready to head out to your local beach, lagoon or wetland and help us document king tides next week. Follow the photo-taking guidelines and use this tide chart to find high tide heights and times for all of SoCal.

Join us January 11, 2017 for an Urban Tides Community Beach Walk in Torrance. We’ll take photos, chat about sea level rise, the benefits of natural shorelines, and the latest scientific modeling results that project sea level rise and coastal storms in Southern California.  Meet at 7:30 AM at the end of the strand near the main lifeguard station on Torrance Beach. The closest cross streets are Paseo de la Playa and Via Rivera.

Click Here!

Links to Videos!

Malibu Lagoon Video!

San Diego Coast Video!

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