riptide rendezvous, saturday october 21, rincon, carpinteria


John Loo asked me to help out and be the master of ceremonies for this years first, Riptide Rendezvous raffle, which I gladly replied, “Yes ” to. This is a BRAND NEW, South West Council FFF event, it is not my original “One Surf Fly” started nine years ago. It should be fun. Lets all try to support this new salty venture and get it off to a great start. Hope to see some new faces on the beach…cheers – Al Q

Jim Solomon and myself will demonstrate the Surf Tango, a simple 5 Step casting technique for most beginners on how-to properly cast a shooting head in the surf. It will take place at 6am on the beach before the event starts if anyone is interested and its FREE!  We will also hand out cheat sheets for those that attend.

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Qs thin lizzy…one of my go-tos

the original recipe….published in Fly Fishing in SaltWaters…this pattern was developed after my friend Zino told me about the large bonefish in Hawaii that were feeding on lizardfish. He needed a fly that would imitate them. I went to work on the vice and after talking back and forth, I came up with this pattern called the “the thin lizzy”  named after one of my favorite bands, LOL. It was intended to freeze on the flat once cast and let drop in the hopes the bonefish would discover the fly.


here’s the thin lizzy in action, note the proper weighting system that allows this fly to do a head stand and remain motionless as long as theres’s not too much current …video by Zino Nakasuji.



a nice Hawaiian bonefish landed on a Qs thin lizzy, photographed by my friend and fellow angler Zino Nakasuji


weedless and beefed up version for calicos, redfish and other species…photo and tied by by al quattrocchi

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thought for the day…


photo, commentary and flies by Al Quattrocchi

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warm weather beans…

We still have a few fishing willing to play locally if you put the time in to torture yourselves…LOL Here’s a few fine examples from this past weekend.


Par Avion’s lead guitarist, Bernard Yin on a tear this year with another quality fish to hand.


A nice fish landed by “Bonefish” Bobby Izuda visiting our local beaches from Hawaii. WTG dude…

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the beans are still chewing…

Its been an uncanny late season push by our local corbina this year (is it global warming? LOL) as the fish still seem to want to eat flies. It’s weird, this is the time of year I usually tell anglers not to get discouraged as the fish usually get lock jaw late in the season after gorging on sand crabs for weeks, not the case this year… then again we have bluefin tuna off the east end of Catalina, its nuts. I hope we get one more good tide cycle, the fish are fat and plentiful! Great to see some new faces on the beach, giving this crazy game a try. tight lines  – Al Q

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Pic of the day…

Put the new Hatch reel to work this morning. Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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friday frijoles…

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oh yeah!


photo by Ken Harada

After two years and hundreds of casts, our friend, Ken Harada finally got to slide a fair-caught corbina up on the beach this Sunday. WTG Ken! His fish was caught on a tandem two-fly setup and the corbina ate the trailing razzler. I have a Corbina Patrol sticker for you the next time i see ya, you earned it pal!

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pic of the day…


photo courtesy of Larry Acord.

There are still a lot of nice fish around. Me and my friend Jim farmed a few this morning, but they ate the fly and were easily cast to and sight-cast as these fish worked along the beach. The upcoming negative weekend tides starting on Sunday morning should get them going early in the am. If you haven’t put a corbina on your tick list, I would get out there sooner than later as the summer window will slowly begin to close as we approach the fall.

Fellow angler and good pal, Larry Acord showing us how it’s done this morning by sight casting to and landing this beautiful early morning corbina. We were fishing a new area that has been holding some big fish. This fish was tailing in shallow water when Larry made a nice cast and watched her chase down his fly (razzler) He set up on her and let her make a long run. After adjusting his drag and taking his time she was slid up on the beach. She was revived and released to taunt other corbina anglers in the future, like me! LOL… It’s been great fun fishing with my friends and watching them land corbina, which are tough fish to fool on flies….. Nice one Larry!

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this is the reason to buy raffle tickets at the double haul ball…


Photo by John Whitaker

Well, two of our local South Bay anglers, John Whitaker and Don Bell were the recipients of a guided trip donated by my good buddy Hogan Brown from this past year’s Double Hall Ball. The boys averaged 20-30 stripers a day. Don Bell landed this 24 pound beauty on a olive/yellow jig hook-style Clouser minnow. All the more reason to come and buy some raffle tickets next year. All the proceeds from last years DHB raffle went to support a great organization entitled:

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