thank you lefty day…


Hope to see you all on this fun, tribute to Lefty Kreh, “Thank You Lefty Day” on Saturday, November 17th at Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing Store from 11am to 3 pm. Lefty “Bernard” Kreh was one of the most famous fly fishing personalities and fishing legends in the world. We will have demos in tying Lefty Deceivers, tying Lefty Non-Slip Loop knots, Lefty’s Unique Casting Style with the experts and I will interview Bob Marriott about being a close friend to Lefty and traveling around the world pioneering new fly destinations with him in the early days of saltwater fly fishing. Hope to see ya there…

If anyone is interested in tying deceivers or half & halfs that day, please contact me!



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save the date…


I have teamed up with my friends at Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing Store and many other close fly fishing friends to do a “Thank You Lefty” Day at the fly shop. I really think it is important to celebrate Lefty Kreh’s life here on the west coast, whether you knew him personally or not or saw him at the fly shows of past, he was one of the most powerful influential forces for any of us that waved a fly rod, in salt or freshwater. His casting techniques, sense of humor, articles, wit and blue collar approach to simplifying one of the most complicated pastimes goes without parallel. On Saturday, November 17th we will celebrate Lefty’s life and legendary status in our flyfishing industry. We will show films, tie Lefty’s Deceivers, have some of the best casting instructors on the planet explain his style and teaching approach to casting, do an interview with Bob Marriott who first hand, traveled the globe fly fishing with Lefty, tie some Lefty loop knots, tell some funny stories and jokes in memory of a man that really had no equal…hope to see ya there.

-Al Q

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thanks for joining us…


photo courtesy of Larry Acord

It was fun hanging out with old and new friends at the SWFFF Fly Fair this weekend in Glendale. It was the first fly show in many years from the SWFFF and lasted two days, Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to everyone who made the trek and got to see Jon and my presentation entitled “The Corbina Diaries” We did one presentation each day. We went over some really cool inside stuff and shared the evolution of Corbina sight fishing which we and our tight group of fishing buddies (Corbina Patrol) worked hard at to pioneer and open up to the next generation of fly anglers. It was great having Jon share his angling insights to approach to sight fishing this fantastic fish on light fly gear. See ya all soon, hopefully on the sand. Think purple!

-Al Q

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lefty doing lefty…

Lefty sent me a bunch of still photos, years ago from his video casting project that I stitched together into a sequence. It amazes me how this man makes it looks so effortless and how tight those loops are…

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Lefty Kreh Conservation Memorial Fund…



BTT Establishes Lefty Kreh Conservation Memorial Fund

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, in partnership with Trout Unlimited, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Lefty Kreh Memorial Conservation Fund in memory of legendary angler and instructor Bernard “Lefty” Kreh. Click Here for Details!

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let us take you to the promise land…


My good buddy and “Corbina Whisperer” Jon Nakano will be joining forces with me to help you get that dreaded Corbina tick off your list or perhaps make you a better Corbina fly fisher if you have caught them before. We will be presenting at the Fly Fair at the Glendale Civic Auditorium, both Saturday and Sunday. Jon and I have over forty years combined experience, flyfishing for beans and are willing to share our secrets and experience on the sand with you, so please try not to miss this one, it should be very informative…


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come one, come all…

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.07.38 AM

I will be one of many, participating both days at the Fly Fishing Fair, going to be held in Glendale, this weekend. The Southwest Council FFF is hosting the first annual Fly Fair at the Glendale Civic Auditorium this coming Saturday and Sunday. We hope you can attend and show your support for fly fishing so they can continue to provide the quality programs, casting instruction, fly tying and education of fly fishing for everyone. For more info and tickets, please visit Hope to see new faces and old faces at this new exciting event!

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thanks for the support…


Its always fun to see old friends and some new faces when I get to do a tying demonstration, especially when it is in my backyard. I want to personally thank Graham Day and Marriotts Fly Fishing Store for supporting and accommodating this fun idea I had to showcase some of Enrico’s cool fly tying products and tying techniques. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! Hope to see some of you at the Fly Fair in Glendale next weekend


-Al   🙂

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quinny’s mouse…

this is a fun little mouse pattern me and my nine year old daughter, Quinn played around with this past weekend. I’ll be sending some to Colorado for big brown trout. We used pink craft foam for the tail, back legs and ears instead of the traditional deer hide, this should help it float. Quinn came up with some sweet legs, she said mine looked too much like crab legs, LOL, can’t take me out of the salt, i guess.

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save the date…


This is the fourth and final date of the EP tying seminars I have been presenting from Pasadena to San Diego. I hope for those that have attended I have opened your imagination to tie many different fly patterns using EP materials. I hope you can join me on Saturday, October 13th at Bob Marriott’s Fly Fishing Store in Fullerton for another fun day of information and fly tying…


-Al Q


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