pic of the day…


the kid is a stick! LOL photo by Ali’s dad.


A beautiful bass landed on fly by Ali, who attended our carp seminar last year at the Fisherman’s Spot. photo courtesy of Ali’s dad, Haissam.

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the corbina diaries…


Me and my buddy Jon Nakano will share our experience and knowledge on sight fishing skinny water Corbina, tomorrow morning between 11 am and 1 pm at The Fly Stop in San Diego. We will go over all tactics, tackle, attitude and even tie a few flies… hope to see you there.


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the claw….


Al Q’s method of making realistic crab claws by using EP fibers saturated with silicone on wax paper.

This is a simple method I developed while creating my Pinche Crab series of crabs. It has worked very well and is very easy to do. Silicone on wax paper, tie an over hand knot in the fibers, then flare out one end with silicone and your bodkin, let dry, then come back peel off, and cut your shape. You can use marker to color the claw tips prior to using the silicone. The best part of this system is the claws will float up (silicone is buoyant) and make the crab look like its in a defensive position when its stripped along. I have had many anglers report great success with this pattern on permit. Calicos love them too. Try it out and have fun.

-Al Q


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Q tip…


Home-Made Eye Glass Cleaner! Save money and help the environment by making your own eyeglass cleaner. Just use 3 parts rubbing alcohol (70% or higher) and 1 part water. Add a couple of drops of dish soap. Pour into spray bottle, shake to mix well and you’re done! Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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holy moley step x step

I have been getting a lot of buzz about this fly recently. I did a CA Fly Fisher magazine article about a few months ago on it as well. Here is the step by step for my friends that were not fortunate to get this past article. Its a little fuzzy cause i shot it with my phone, but you’ll get the idea, its pretty easy to tie. Just remember to tie all EP fibers on top of the shank and pulled back, (opposite of the merkin style). Also be careful not to use too much CA thin glue or it will harder the fibers and ruin the gape of the hook, which will hurt your hook set. The fly has a higher profile in the sand and I believe the corbina can track it easier…give it a try.

HOOK: Gamagatsu SL15 size 6 or 8
THREAD: Orange 210 Denier for base and securing eyes, Clear Mono for building fly.
BODY: Original EP Fibers, Grey, Orange. This fly can be tied in all orang, grey or salmon pink too.
ANTENNA: One piece folded stiff Saltwater Orange Krystal flash
REAR LEGS: Hareline Dubbing Round Barred Grizzly legs
SIDE LEGS: Sili Legs Clear/Pearl with Silver Flake
EYES: Large Bead Chain or Dazl – Eyes 5/23” black
HEAD AND UNDERBODY: Epoxy or Tuffleye, Light Cured Epoxy


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please note, NEW CTD DATE: Saturday, June 1st!


Sorry for any inconvenience but we had to move our original date, May 25th to Saturday, June 1st to avoid the insanity of Memorial Day weekend up at Lake Henshaw. Now at least we will have this quiet sleepy carp paradise to ourselves after the crowds are gone. This year’s raffle I assure you is going to be epic, all supporting our friends at CastHope! Hope to see you there! On-Line Registration will open the beginning of April

–Al Q

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soot & water…


I think I will try to make this event this Friday evening at the Patagonia Store, Santa Monica, if anyone would like to stop by, please let me know?


-Al Q

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strip tease…


My buddy Jim Solomon demonstrating the proper way to use your stripping bucket when your not wetting your line along the beach. Pick up plastic trash. Kudos to Jimmy! Photo by Al Quattrocchi

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Q tip…


Let’s face it, broken sun glass frames suck!!! I just snapped these taking a heavy backpack off, they pulled my croakies and pinched the frame resulting in a clean break.

But here’s a way to fix them even when there is a clean break.
Using crazy glue, baking soda, a nail file, color marker and Sally Hansen clear polish, they will be good as new!

You use crazy glue to set in place for 30 seconds, once the two pieces hold together, then carefully add some extra crazy glue around broken seam and pour baking soda over the wet glue and cracked edge working all around break point, the baking soda dries the crazy glue super fast and will build up the bond along the broken edge making a more secure bond. Then file the bulked up edges flat, hit with a colored marker of choice and finish with clear nail polish. Bam!

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pic of the week…


Jim Gill with a beautiful 15 pound Peacock Bass recently landed in Brazil on one of my large rattling peacock flies… WTG dude! Photo courtesy of Jim Gill.

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