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friday frijoles…

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it’s starting early, notes from a beanaholic…

ok, last year I had to pleasure of meeting Glenn Ueda and posting many of his corbina adventures with you. I met Glenn fishing one morning on one of my local beaches, we became Corbina pals and I got him to come visit some of my home water. Glenn was on a tear last season, and ended up having the dream corbina season landing 25 sight caught fish off the beach in one season, pretty cool stuff.

Glenn's epic 25 fish season 2014, photos by glenn ueda

Glenn’s epic 25 fish season 2014, photos by glenn ueda

So it’s the end of March and as many of you know, California is experiencing another El Nino year. Our water temps have been in the low and mid sixties throughout the winter. Yellowtail are literally beaching themselves, grin!  We don’t have much bait in our surf other than grunion, the sand crab beds haven’t begun to take shape yet. We have sighted some fish recently in the Southbay, but they didn’t seem to be aggressively feeding. Well, Glenn got out last week on his bike and scouted the lay of the land, somewhere in Orange County and found some fish walking the shoreline and and got them to eat the fly. I hope we get some of those feeders up our way soon. He landed three beans on two separate days. We will be following his fish counts closely this year, with this great start Glenn could break his previous mark. I hope he does, he really works hard at it…no free lunches…good luck buddy  LOL

“Wanted to update your blog readers on the first 3 corbina of the season! They were caught in a two day timespan, and is typical, the structure was eliminated under a crushing swell. Being March, not many fish sighted yet, and though water temps are hovering in the 65 degree range, sand crab beds are still absent. Perhaps, the memory of what should be there has them feeding in tight to the beach and thus tempted by the small #8 grey merkins I’ve been tossing. Regardless, I am encouraged by what I am seeing and remain hopeful that this will be another special year for a species that I have to come to admire, respect, and pursue endlessly.”

Take care,



photo by Glenn Ueda

photo by Glenn Ueda





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mr “pink lips” skinnyheimer…


Photo by Jim Solomon.

Photos by Jim Solomon.


artwork by Al Quattrocchi

artwork by Al Quattrocchi

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a slice of humble pie…

a few pink merkins tied by Al Q.

a few pink merkins tied by Al Q.

Friday morning corbina courtesy of Jim Solomon. photo by Al Q

Friday morning corbina courtesy of Jim Solomon. photo by Al Q

behind the scenes iphone pic taken by Matt Abrams

behind the scenes iphone pic taken by Matt Abrams


well all I can say is even though we are seeing lots of fish, they seem to be spread out and seem to have lock jaw. the beaches have lost most of their structure. it’s like rolling a pair of dice on a flat pool table. I did have my fair share of opportunities this morning but only had two fish bubble up and turn on my fly as to say we are on to you Qman. We know your game and we ain’t going for it. I threw at many singles and had the opportunity of pulling through a few small groups with no love today. My buddy Jim got a hold of one fish that was chin hooked on a pink merkin this morning. I was really happy to finally see a bent fly rod. there were a total of six anglers fishing this morning and I think we all had similar results, that is what keeps us coming back, you don’t always catch em, they can be humbling, challenging, aggravating, comical, etc. For me it is the adrenaline and chase that keeps me focused, I am always trying to make a better cast, timed swing or perfect strip. That’s why it’s called fly fishing an not catching… there’s always another day and another tide.

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a first, corbina on fly for my buddy and barbeque master, Adam Perry Lang landed this morning in the south bay. © 2012 photo by Al Q

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from steelhead to corbina

Teresa’s first corbina on the fly. Way to go!!!

Last year I got a call from a steelhead guide from Oregon named Teresa. She was visiting her mom down here in Los Angeles and was mutual friends with some of my old time
Southbay Flyfishing club fishing friend’s, Joe & Jan. Teresa is a real fishy woman, she picked my brain on our local surf and killed it up in Santa Monica last year. I think she even landed a leopard shark.
Well a month or so ago, she emailed and said she wanted to get that elusive corbina tick off her list. She told me when she was coming, the tides were not perfect for sight fishing but I knew there were fish around. I sent her to a spot where we did well the week before.  My local sources were still nailing fish, blindcasting (my friend Steve got three this Saturday on a brown sand crab pattern). Teresa had two days to complete her task. The first morning the stars aligned. Here is her email note to me, i love when a plan comes together.

“I’d say this is a very challenging fishery.  I had two days to fish it and wish i had three to dial it in even better.
When I actually thought out what a crab pattern tumbling in the surf might look like, on day two, my hook-ups increased dramatically.  I blind cast all of the first day, which is the day i caught and landed my first bean.  The second day is when I finally saw the fish, watched their behavior and deciphered what a strip might look like to imitate the tumbling of a crab pulled out of the sand by the surf.  That changed the game and I started feeling takes and misses, two more hook-ups and one good battle which I lost to the fish and a small halibut, again fair hooked to hand.  Day three, I coulda moidered them!  Thanks for all the help Al.  Without you, i wouldn’t have even known where to begin.
tight lines ,

teresa caught her fish on a del brown tan merkin ( the original permit pattern)

PS: this week from wednesday through Saturday are prime sight fishing opportunities, if the wind and surf stay down and we get some sunshine it could be great. this tide cycle usually is the last
good shot at getting a bean to eat a fly by sight casting in our area. after this they can be caught but are harder and less interested in the fly, but anything is possible. 🙂


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corbina season off to a slow start

tons of crabs due to the cooler water temps have the corbina stuffed with indigestion and closed mouths…2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

too many crabs is making it hard for the fish to get excited about the pink merkin so far this season. hopefully the tide will swing. 2012 © photo by al quattrocchi

well, we are seeing a few beans in the skinny, but not many. the june gloom early cloud cover is making things even tougher. my suggestion is wear glasses with yellow lens in the low light, it will help you to see fish. there are some areas that anglers have reported are full of cruising corbina so you will need to search to find fish. my neck of the woods near LAX has been slow, with occasion fish popping up here and there. my favorite spot this time of year was horrible this morning, full of shovels, and rays. so tomorrow I am on a corbina mission to find new real estate. happy hunting…

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a pic is worth a thousand words…

nice specimen taken on a pink merkin, photo and fish courtesy of Bernard Yin

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