this is the reason to buy raffle tickets at the double haul ball…


Photo by John Whitaker

Well, two of our local South Bay anglers, John Whitaker and Don Bell were the recipients of a guided trip donated by my good buddy Hogan Brown from this past year’s Double Hall Ball. The boys averaged 20-30 stripers a day. Don Bell landed this 24 pound beauty on a olive/yellow jig hook-style Clouser minnow. All the more reason to come and buy some raffle tickets next year. All the proceeds from last years DHB raffle went to support a great organization entitled:

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Pic of the day! 

We added a new inductee to the prestigious Corbina Patrol club this morning. I was an honor to get my daughter her first of two Corbina landed on a sand crab/spinning combo. Photo by Janet Chang Quattrocchi (mom)

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recent logo work…


Ken River Fly Shop & Guy Jeans School of Flyfishing Logos. Creative direction and design courtesy of Al Quattrocchi. ©2017 Tornado Creative. All rights reserved.


Fremont Deli logo. Creative direction and design courtesy of Al Quattrocchi. ©2017 Tornado Creative. All rights reserved.

I am taking over Kernville! Not quite. LOL. What an honor to be able to design a bunch of cool logos for my pal, Guy Jeans and his new neighbor, Melissa Campbell who just recently opened a deli entitled Fremont Deli. She wanted her logo to resemble the old National Parks vintage posters of old, so that’s what i delivered. Now when I visit my buddy Guy’s fly shop, there’s a fun place to grab lunch and get fly materials. Please drop in and support them if you are in the neighborhood. Cheers – Al Q

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Love it when a plan comes together…


Photo by Jim Solomon

My buddy Jim made the call, we picked a new destination and stayed with our plan. The day before we both dropped a few fish due to the poorly set up sloped beach.

He was spot on. This new spot was set up good, with lots of deep structure easily viewed on the minus low, incoming tide. The incoming  water starting to fill in the deep sand freeways with hungry fish. The sightcasting window was short, the magic window which I refer to the proper amount of water on the flat that allows the fish to tail and dive into the newly tide covered sand crab beds had unfolded. Fish were coming in like cord wood on conveyor belts. Getting your fly to lineup properly required many repetitive casts. Finally I rolled one through a gang of seven fish, slow strip, heart pumping, big blowup and one confused Corbina running frantically to Catalina with an injested merkin in its crushers. Shortly beached and completely hand stripped in, (faulty reel drag) cpr, catch, photo, and released!

Shortly after I decided to take a long walk down the beach and I found some new productive real estate and repeated, hooking a second fish in a similar group, hand palmed the reel and slid the fish up on the sand. Ended the session with a double.

Started and blanked with a pink merkin, I switched to a grey Surfin Merkin after my buddy Jim had a strong take on the grey, which I credit to hooking both fish. I had three other short takes on grey. It was a good move to switch flies. Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to change flies.

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come fly with me…


A beautifully​ chromed corbina and sporting an original Q tee, Jon Nakano always seems to get it done! Photo by Jon Nakano

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pic of the day!


A beautiful 600 pound mako puts on a show. photo by Al Quattrocchi

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chillin like james bond…


photo courtesy of Sealander

The Sealander! 

This is a cool trailer/boat concept that is manufactured in Germany. Unfortunately you can only get one if you drive up to Canada and drive it back. Wish the platform had a casting deck and pole, then we would be talking! grin…

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holy carpasaurus batman!


photo and text courtesy of the IGFA. Hiratsuka’s Common Carp Japanese angler Koichi Hiratsuka caught and released this 102 cm common carp (Cyprinus carpio) on May 17th while fishing Lake Biwa, Japan. Hiratsuka needed only 10 minutes to subdue the big carp after it ate the boilie bait he was using. If approved, the catch will replace the existing All-Tackle Length world record which currently stands at 100 cm.



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pic of the day!


Fishing some new real estate paid off. A beautiful clean bean, sight casted and landed by our buddy Larry Acord on one of his special corbina flies. Photo by Denny Kaneoka

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pic of the day…


A clean bean landed locally on a go-to pink merkin by an old friend and fine angler, Jim Solomon. Photo by Jim Solomon.

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