thank ya Fly Stop…

I made the pilgrimage down to San Diego this past weekend to tie a few flies for my friends at the Fly Stop. The topic was EP (Enrico Puglisi) style flies tied with Enrico materials using Enrico’s techniques. My goal was to try to keep it simple and less intimidating for new fly tiers. I have caught fish on all the patterns we tied and I tried to do salt and freshwater, a little something for everybody. We did a Bluegill, Calamari, Sand Crab (Q version), Sardina/Anchovy hybrid & a weighted or loaded Shad. Good times, with some old and new friends. Thanks to the Fly Shop for hosting me. I come to San Diego frequently to visit family, so if anyone would like to fish the next time I am down, please let me know? Tight lines…


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smackdown in bean town…

I love those days when the wind is down, the swell is dead flat and the sun lights up the water like your in the Bahamas fishing for bonefish in a swimming pool. You can spot Corbina all lit up, a half a mile a way. NOT!!!!

Sunday’s early morning session was crazy with rain, wind, no sun, choppy surf.  Even though conditions were not favorable, our Corbina posse landed seven fish, which is an above the average Corbina count, given this fish’s ability to drive you crazy and have lock jaw often… we had a small swell but the wind tended to foam up the beach making sight fishing pretty difficult, so what do ya do? You can go home and curl up in bed or you can tough up and spend more time searching and less time standing around waiting for something to happen. The moral of the story? Study the beach, walk! Once we located fish in one particular area the boys put a hurt on them. Tod who went through a long fishes streak, hooked five and landed three. It can be done, I have seen this scenario played out before. This game is about perseverance, don’t get frustrated. the more time you put in on the beach the more the rhythms of the beach become apparent. Watching these fish work the surf line is for me just as cool as catching them. Be one with the bean! The anglers that catch them  consistently are usually in areas where the corbina are most of the time. Finding those areas is what separates the average weekend warrior with the seasoned veterans. Even on beaches with no structure the fish spread out but there will be a small seam or slight depression or sand crab bed that will concentrate more fish in a particular area. This is what we look for, it is prime real estate in bean town baby.  Tight lines

-Al Q

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EP day with Al Q…


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pic of the day…


A beautiful corbina landed by our friend and fellow fly angler,  Mark Flo at one of our local beaches a few days ago on a pink surfing merkin. Photo courtesy of Mark Flo.

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Well, another Carp Throwdown is in the books. A total of 36 anglers competed in a fun, action packed field of wading and boating divisions. Special thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers and The Fly Stop. We had a tie in the batting division this year, with each boat team scoring 90 points so we did an old fashioned shootout. We tossed a coin to see who went first and then each angler had three tries at a target that was seventy five feet away. Closest shot for each angler was scored and was averaged with their team mate’s best score. Matus and Dustin went first and on his first cast, Matus landed the fly 4 inches from the target which gave his team the lowest overall average, taking the title from last years’ winners, Tod and Brian Suttle, putting them in second place. Jon Hart wielding a Tenkara rod in the Wading Division and coming off a victory at the Lake Isabella Carpfest with his Tenkara rod just a few weeks ago, scored back to back wins with 89 points for first place. He broke one Tenkara rod but got it done! His partner in crime, Celine Bayla came in second with 80 points. Best Trash fish went to Lesley Smith with two catfish on fly, totaling 25 points. Good fun on Henshaw, great camaraderie in a family-like setting. Great raffle benefitting our veterans of Project Healing Water of San Diego. Doesn’t get any better than this for me! Here’s a few iPhone pics…will post more as they come in on CarpThrowdown website.

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when the jackarandas are in bloom…


the corbina begin to loom….photo by Ken Harada

We are starting to see some good activity on our local beaches,  the stage has been set, water is still a little cool, i like it up near 70, lots of sand crabs and the fish are staging in troughs. I believe the next minus low tide will have fish all over our beaches providing the water warms a little. Here’s a nice Corbina our friend Jim Solomon just landed on a properly placed vicinity cast.

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pic of the day…updated


Photo courtesy of Capt. Gene Quigley of Shore Catch Guide Service. WTG Geno!

Ok check this out, Gene is an old friend of over twenty years now, he’s been guiding a long time and is a great guide, writer and lecturer. We first met and fished together back in Marthas Vineyard, over twenty years ago. I remember those days vividly catching big bass together off his center console that he trailered up, sliding alongside the rips and swinging large bucktail deceivers with sinking shooting heads into schools of exploding squid. We crushed some nice bass in the twenty to thirty pound range, and back then those were the largest stripers I ever caught on fly. But this pic takes the cake, last weekend he guided one of his clients to three bass over forty, I The largest fish was 46 pounds.

“So 3 fish in one day  – 40lbs 44lbs and 46 lbs all in four hours in one trip – fishing outside the schools – The 44 and 46 came in back to back casts !!!” – Capt Gene Quigley

The flies used were large Beast Fleyes, designed by Bob Popovics and custom-tied by Andrew Warshawer, who by the way, is an amazing young fly tier, follow him on instagram. If you are ever back east give Capt Gene Quigley  of Shore Catch Guiding Service a call for the bass of a life time, tell him Al Q sent ya….LOL

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thank you Pasadena Orvis…

I really didn’t expect many people at last Saturday’s Orvis Pasadena EP tying day due to Memorial Day weekend, but I was pleasantly surprised to have around 30-35 enthusiastic fly anglers willing to keep me company. We spent three hours going over some tips and tricks and I ended up getting through five, actually six different fly patterns all highlighting EP products. Thanks for all who attended, Thanks to the Pasadena Fly Fishing club for coming out to always support me, and to Jacob and staff at the Pasadena Orvis Store for graciously hosting me and being so awesome….and thanks to Enrico Puglisi for letting me do this.


-Al Q

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pic of the day…


Well what can I say, this photo comes to me a little late, (like from a week ago), but needs to be shared. My buddy Randy got the itch to run long for some Bluefin tuna action out of San Diego on his center console and while looking and fishing for schoolie BFT, he flylines a sardine under some birds and this 160 pounder eats his bait and decides to take him for a ride. Fishing SOLO, Randy stayed on this fish for almost three hours, it took all his line 6 times until he was able to head gaff it and tail rope it. What an amazing story and catch. Oh, and all on 30 pound test with a 1/0 hook. I am calling him the “old man in the sea” from now on, lol WTG pal! A fish of a lifetime on light tackle. Photo courtesy of Randall Norris.

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be safe out there…

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.52.36 PM

Prior to recreational activities in the LA River, please check the new web page for water quality. Swimming in the river is always prohibited but you may for walk, fish, and kayak in the recreational zones from Memorial Day through September 30.

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