pic of the week…


Photo by Al Quattrocchi

Ending the year with a true SoCal trophy from the beach, Jim Solomon (theflyzone.com) getting it done in our local waters on the morning of December 31st, 2018. It was awesome to watch Jimmy land that beautiful fish. We were actually targeting them, they cruise our local beaches this time of the year when the water gets cold and the perch show up… as Steve Perry once said, “Don’t Stop Believing, Hold on to that Feeling!”

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MDR club swap meet…


The Marina Del Rey Anglers Club Swap Meet Directions Here!

Help support the MDR Anglers Club. No fly gear but there will be lots of old salty gear for sale, great for beginners getting into the sport.

Marina Del Rey Anglers club meeting and Swap Meet.
January 10th 2019 – Thursday evening
Burton Chase Park – in the Community Room. 7 pm
At the end of Mindanao Way in Marina Del Rey

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filling the fly box…


I had five awesome students this past Saturday at Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing store that were ready to conquer six classics flats patterns and we all did it! We got into a few fun techniques like making my original “Pinche Claws”, dubbing fly bodies with synthetics, and making mono eyes, DIY style with Tuffleye Core. I also demoed the classic hand whip finish and connecting your fly to your tippet with a non-slip mono loop! All in all, an info packed, four-hour intermediate class that was lots of fun for me to share. It was my first fly tying series class and there will be more. I hope some of you can get in on the next one. It will be more of an advanced master class with a limit of six fly tiers, we will announce some dates next year. I would like to do one on Popovic’s Big Bucktail streamers (Beast, Bucktail Deceiver, and Bulkhead Deceiver) and maybe one on Crustaceans (red crab, pinche crab and crayfish). I will try my best to up your game and show you many inside tying tricks, so don’t get shut out…happy holidays!
-Al Q

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pic of the day…


The winter temps seem to be dropping, but the local winter bonita bite is still hot. Here’s a beauty by our friend and kayak master, Jim Salazar with a 28 inch bone, landed in our backyard. Photo courtesy of Jim Salazar

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no more bow knots…


Here’s a qualifier for the Cool Sh#t section of my blog! These new plastic laces from Hickies. Great for on the boat or off, they will NOT catch a fly line and make ordinary shoes into slippers, easy to take on or off!

Hickies No Lace System!

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carp love…

watch this video till the end, while swimming this articulated beast fly to inspect it’s action in the water, we had a surprise visitor take a swipe at the fly, luckily my buddy Jim pulled it away at the last second. I think the carp wasn’t trying to eat it, she was just in love with the sexy action….lol

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flies for the flats….

I will be doing an intermediate/beginner fly tying class on some classic saltwater flats patterns that I have personally used with success. The class is on December 15th, right around the corner at Marriotts in Fullerton. (info below)
The class is limited to 6 tiers and unfortunately just sold out…

We will cover 6 classic flats patterns. A modified Enrico Puglisi/Crab, Squimp, McVay/Gotcha, Fernadez/Snapping Shrimp, Ververka/Mantis Shrimp And Nauheim/Crazy Charlie. Also time permitting, I will demo how I make my DIY silicone crab legs and mono eyes…it should be a fun session, I hope to see ya there.

Next year I will try to do two more advanced fly tying classes: one on big saltwater streamers and baits, may throw in the Beast!  …and one on warm water bass flies.
tight lines…   -Al


Flats Fly selection tied by Al Quattrocchi.


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a nice note from a friend…


My friend Wade Yoshi, is in my humble opinion, one of the best permit fly fisherman on the planet, with well over 300 to hand. I am fortunate to be able to listen and take notes every chance I get when we talk about these crazy fish. I developed my “Pinche Crab” a few years ago based on Will Bauer’s original crab fly, which Will taught me to tie back in the nineties. I modified it, using my home-made sili claws. It makes me happy when an accomplished angler like Wade lets me know we are on the right track…

Hey Al Q,
Been having some bad luck, past few trips. LDR (an acronym for long distance release) 5 fish in both Oct and November. Then this trip, not many shots again, but had every permit see the fly, attack the fly but no hook ups. Today, first shot same thing. Second shot landed the permit, but hook was bent, and broke when we tried to fix it. My guide picked one of your flies, and next shot we landed this nice single. Then for my 4th shot of the day, I casted to a push, and landed a nice bonefish on your fly…. 


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giving thanks…

Thanks to Bob Marriott, Graham Day, Kevin Bell, Mike Maloney, Jim Solomon, Matt Abrams, Stan Beringhele, and all who took the time to come pay tribute to fly fishing legend, Lefty Kreh, I personally want to thank all of you that showed up to be part of this special day. The conversation I had with Bob Marriott was priceless, his insights and travel adventures with Lefty were truly a joy to hear first hand as they both pioneered some amazing fly fishing destinations together such as Christmas Island, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea. Bob was a real sport to do this and I was honored to be able to engage in conversation about the early days of saltwater fly travel with him. The day was an emotional one for me since it was originally through Marriotts Fly Shop back in the late eighties, I first met Lefty Kreh, when i booked a two-day trip up to Hot Creek Ranch. Little did I know at the time, it would take me full circle back to Marriotts to pay tribute to one of the most important, legendary anglers of modern fly fishing history and my old friend and mentor, Lefty Kreh. I know he was smiling down on all of us… – Al Q

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are U 4ocean?


I just stumbled upon this cool website, 4ocean off of instagram and really dig the vibe of the work this fine organization is putting forth. If you purchase a bracelet made from disgarded plastic trash removed from our ocean, ($20 purchase) you actually have helped remove about a pound of plastic! I just jumped in and supported them and will wear my bracelet proudly. Please share the love, we all need to do our share, and please remember to stay away from plastic straws, cups or water bottles, try to drink from metal re-usuable containers. The birds, fish and oceans will thank you!

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