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pic of the day…


Rays of light shower down over El Segundo as sail boats and seagulls enjoy the view. iPhoto by Al Quattrocchi

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on the dinner plate…

here’s a great example of how to put the fly right in front of a bull redfish. The angler is my friend Larry Acord and I can attest that Larry has put in the time this past year practicing and analyzing his casting. This was not luck, this was creating your own luck by being prepared. Nice job bud, glad I got it on video…

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I’m a proud supporter of the 2017 StriperFest


Dan Blanton and Noel Guzman did a great job this year raising money for the fight to keep the striped bass a gamefish in the CA delta.

All in all the event was super successful grossing right about $14000.
Despite a lower turnout due to rain, we raised more $$ compared to last year; and it was more than any of the recent events. Keep up the good work fellas!
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lefty’s email…

I wanted to share this, some of you might have seen this on Facebook already. Lefty sent out an email to his friends, last week,  letting them know how he is doing these days. He is doing fine, resting at home, listening to his doctor, (one of the best in the world) taking it easy, keeping his mind active (he’s as sharp as a tack) and enjoying his twilight years working on fishing stuff. I spoke to some of his close friends the other day and we all agree, Lefty is never short of a joke and was always there when we needed him. Always quick with advice and knowledge, he mentored me and countless others, he truly is a special human being and we all wish him “All The Best”!

To my friends,

I was 92 in January and had a carotid artery operation. During testing the hospital determined my heart was only pumping 35% and must limit my physical activities followed by a rest. The industry was extremely helpful and last season was able to attend the shows, clinics, etc.

Several weeks ago, I realized I was developing another problem, which is normal for someone nearly 93. It turns out I have congested heart failure. My pacemaker revealed there was a series of very rapid hear beats, which could cause a stroke. Fortunately a lot of doctor/friends are fly-fisherman and worked with me. In summary I have to give up travel and presentations as in the past.

Everyone produces a certain amount of fluid in the body and excretes the excess. Because of the low heartbeat my body is not getting rid of all the fluids and I gained weight.  My best friend Dr. Mark Lamos put me in the hospital and with back procedure they twice removed a liter and a half of fluid from my chest. After five days in the hospital. I lost weight.

A week or so later I starting gaining weight again so it was back in the hospital for the same treatment. They reduced most of the fluid and returned home. I determined I was not going to continue back to the hospital. Mark decided to use medicine to control the excess fluid. It’s been a fine-tuning situation but looks like it’s starting work.

This means the schedule I lived for decades is no longer valid and will spend most my time at home. As we get older we learn to adjust to what we can and cannot do. I have a number of interesting computer home projects on the computer and busier than a Syrian bricklayer. I’m not frustrated and I’m content My problem is I don’t have a lot of stamina and have to work around that. If Marks medical system works I should be busy  and around for a year or two.

I would like to be able to send this email to my friends but I don’t really know how to do this. So I’m asking others to help me spread the word through email. Because my lack of energy and stamina I having trouble answering emails (there are more than 400 on the computer) and not talking much on the phone. This is not meant to be unfriendly is learning to adjuster my situation.

In summary I’m busy and content but I want you to know I am so appreciative you’ve have shared your lives with me.

All The Best Friends,


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the blue floating crab…prototype, lol

Ok, this is a little crazy, but our guide in Louisiana just requested a floating crab the size of my hand. So I made a soft shell blue crab ready to fry and throw into a PoBoy. This is the prototype, the first one, and I am not quite there, but it floats really well, its a little heavy and casts about as aerodynamic as a tennis racquet. I tried casting it with an 11 weight and floating line and can throw it around forty feet without blowing out my arm, the emphasis on toss, not cast. LOL. I used clear silicone to hold this sucker together and I hand cut the legs and claws out of thin craft foam. I used markers to color the crab. Its pretty easy to make once you got all the pieces. I will give you guys a report on the performance of this floater once I get back from my trip next month, I really hope something eats it just for the hell of it.   -Al Q

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pic of the day…


Congratulations to our friend, Doug Uyematsu for landing a beautiful halibut this morning just under 16 pounds on one of his ghost minnow flies. He later landed another later that weighted 9 pounds. Photo courtesy of Doug Uyematsu.

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my light…


my light photos by al quattrocchi

My wife just came across this product in Target and bought them for bedtime book reading lights and the LIGHT went off in my head, no pun intended, “what a great travel light for fly tying”  I do a little fly tying and I am always looking for a good, small adaptable travel light, especially for when I am on the road or demonstrating at Fly Fishing clubs. I shall look no more. My Light comes in a two pack, a grey and black version for around $25 on Amazon, I think my wife paid $15 at Target. Look around they are pretty reasonable. They each take 3 AAA batteries and are the answer to my fly tying needs at a fraction of the coast of what other lights run. This is the QTip of the week! Hope it brightens your week. LOL

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surfs up at the rendezvous…

The fishing was very slow at the Riptide Rendezvous this past Saturday, an event that seems to have been modeled after my “One Surf Fly”, only newly organized by John Loo and the Southwest Council of the FFF.  It was a tough morning for fly fishing due to the large onshore swell and incoming high tide. Safety was an issue, I saw two anglers get baptized. Only one surf perch was fair caught, taking the largest, most and first fish categories for around fifty anglers in a two hour session. Lots of familiar faces out there. Me, Jim Solomon, and Nicolas Blixt organized an early casting session for those unfamiliar with using shooting heads which lasted around a half hour. I was the MC of the RR raffle which seemed a little light but there were some nice prizes. The barbecue was pretty good, they served fish, vegetable and chicken skewers, with potato salad and rice. Coffee was plentiful. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and let’s face it, these events are really about comradery which was one of the main reasons I organized the One Surf Fly in the first place. With time and experience this event will get better and better…

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riptide rendezvous, saturday october 21, rincon, carpinteria


John Loo asked me to help out and be the master of ceremonies for this years first, Riptide Rendezvous raffle, which I gladly replied, “Yes ” to. This is a BRAND NEW, South West Council FFF event, it is not my original “One Surf Fly” started nine years ago. It should be fun. Lets all try to support this new salty venture and get it off to a great start. Hope to see some new faces on the beach…cheers – Al Q

Jim Solomon and myself will demonstrate the Surf Tango, a simple 5 Step casting technique for most beginners on how-to properly cast a shooting head in the surf. It will take place at 6am on the beach before the event starts if anyone is interested and its FREE!  We will also hand out cheat sheets for those that attend.

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