throwback thursday with some louisiana swamp dogs


My good buddy, Mike Ward with a fly caught, 46 pound black drum from 2010 fishing with Capt. Kirby LaCour.


Capt. Jack Bolster with a 35 pound redfish caught using a modified Qs Beach Bug back in early 2000. Jack read my fly article in Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, liked the fly and spiced it up with a strip of rabbit on the back end of my pattern. He sent me this pic to tell me it worked. LOL

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helping a friend in need….


Our pal, Gary Bulla during a happier time of his life. Please help support him and his family.

Gary and Theresa were devastated to learn that their home, woodworking shop and all their tools and possessions were completely destroyed in the Thomas Fire of Ventura County, just weeks before Christmas. Many friends and family have asked if they can help in any way, so we have set up a campaign to help them begin the next chapter of their lives.

Funds donated will be used for supporting them with essentials while they sort through the steps necessary to begin the rebuilding process. We are so deeply grateful for your love and support.

Click this link to make a donation… thanks!    -Al Q

You Caring

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pic of the day…


Pound for pound, Jack Crevalle have to be one of the toughest adversaries I have encountered on the fly rod. They didn’t get the nickname “mud tuna” for being wimpy. They got my respect for fighting hard and never quitting!

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let’s talk hookup…




I had the great pleasure of hanging out with our buddy, Pete Gray (host of Let’s Talk Hookup) this past Sunday to talk saltwater flyfishing on the Mighty 1090am for two hours. Rocking Rick Reda was unfortunately not in studio, we missed him, he was offshore on the Royal Polaris pulling on two hundred plus pound yellowfin tuna, LOL, hey, someone has to do it. Anyhow, if you missed the early radio show on Sunday, here it is on the archive podcast, hope you enjoy! Tight lines…

-Al Q

Let’s Talk Hookup!



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pic of the day…

I had the pleasure of meeting fellow Long beach Casting Club member, David Dywer last night and he shared a wonderful story with me of his recent 22 pound halibut that he landed on one of his beautifully tied, Thunder Creek style flies. This was truly a trophy on the fly rod and I wanted to share this fantastic catch with all my saltwater friends. Even though our local surf hasn’t be productive the last few years doesn’t mean there aren’t trophies lurking in the troughs…if your not fishing, your not catching! way to go David!


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come fly with me…


Al Q working the beach. Photo by Jon Nakano.

I will be speaking tonight at the Long beach Fly Casting Club and doing a basic presentation on Surf Flyfishing the Beach, plus some shooting head casting techniques (The Tango), which can be used for fly fishing off a boat as well and I will be tying my “Qs Beach Bug” surf pattern. Hope to see ya tonight!


Al Q with a bull redfish from a recent trip to Louisiana a few weeks ago. Photo by Al Quattrocchi.

Also I will be on “Lets Talk Hookup” Sunday morning on the Mighty 1090AM out of San Diego to talk shop with Pete Gray about Saltwater Flyfishing. Tune in if your up early from 7am to 9am.




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Watch the film here!

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pic of the day…


Rays of light shower down over El Segundo as sail boats and seagulls enjoy the view. iPhoto by Al Quattrocchi

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on the dinner plate…

here’s a great example of how to put the fly right in front of a bull redfish. The angler is my friend Larry Acord and I can attest that Larry has put in the time this past year practicing and analyzing his casting. This was not luck, this was creating your own luck by being prepared. Nice job bud, glad I got it on video…

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I’m a proud supporter of the 2017 StriperFest


Dan Blanton and Noel Guzman did a great job this year raising money for the fight to keep the striped bass a gamefish in the CA delta.

All in all the event was super successful grossing right about $14000.
Despite a lower turnout due to rain, we raised more $$ compared to last year; and it was more than any of the recent events. Keep up the good work fellas!
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