salty flies

The Ghost Whisper


Click on the Fly Title for a Step by Step!

The Ghost Whisper: a ghost shrimp imitation I created to target many inshore and back bay species such as corbina, spotfin croaker, spotted bay bass, and california bonefish. Click Here!

The Thin Lizzy

The Thin Lizzy: is a fly that my friend Zino and I created to imitate small lizard fish that fall prey to large bonefish in Oahu, Hawaii. The pattern works well on local Calico Bass, Spotted Bay Bass and Sand Bass as well. Click Here!

The Minty Mac

The Minty Mac: A larger profile fly I developed to represent the local california mackerel that are preyed on by larger calico and sand bass, white sea bass and yellowtail. this pattern works well tied in a clouser version as well.

The Electric Deceiver pays homage to the great Lefty Kreh deceiver fly and is created by tying tube mylar over the shank in various descending lengths as you work towards the head of the fly. This creates a 360 degree tie when cinched down and pulled back resulting in a sculpted flashy head that can be trimmed and colored to imitate any baitfish. Tying Instruction!

Qs Deer Hair Sand Crab

Qs Electric Deceiver

Sand Crab: when tied in the Ned Grey style, this pattern tends to roll, like a dislodged crab when the waves are retreating. A good fly to have when corbina are feeding right on the edge of the incoming waves. The deer hair can be coated with Tuffleye Flex which cures into a durable soft coating similar to a soft-shell sand crab.

the salty sculpin

Qs Salty Sculpin: this fly pays homage to Tim Borski’s slider in style, but tied beefy with an orange underbelly and heavy eyes to get down and dirty. target species: calico bass in jetties or rockpiles.

Qs Corbina Candy: small sand crab imitation tied  in a clouser, hook style style to help get a positive hook set when sight fishing corbina.

Qs Beach Bugthis fly is an attractor pattern used to imitate a shrimpy, buggy crustacean. Barred Perch love em. Click Here!

The Solly Clouser is a great all around surf pattern. Jim Solomon has caught everything on this fly, from our surf exotics like white sea bass, sargo, spotfin croaker, striped bass to perch and halibut. I would say it’s his go to fly in the surf. I good one to have in your arsenal. Solly Clouser Tying Instruct!

The Surfin Merkin is in my humble opinion the go-to fly for sight fishing corbina in shallow water. Created by my fellow “corbina underground” fishing bud, Paul Cronin.

Here are some of my patterns in 360 view. scroll to al quattrocchi and use your mouse to rotate the fly. Click Here!

Qs Corbina Candy

Qs Beach Bug

soft shell sand crabs courtesy of tuffleye flex. photo by Al Q

the surfin merkin, werkin! a popular sight casting pattern in skinny water developed by my friend, Paul Cronin. photo by Al Q

The Solly Clouser, tied by Jim Solomon. photo by Jim Solomon.

pink is the new grey! surfin merkin by Paul Cronin. photo by Paul Cronin









Krabby Paddy_Kevin Green


Qs Glass Minno Fly. a great small bait imitation.

Qs Glass Minno Fly. a great small bait imitation.



Qs Bubble Popper

Qs Bubble Popper

BigMo offshore monsta fly, double hook, wired and crimped, constructed of wig hair and long holiday tinsel

BigMo offshore monsta fly, double hook, wired and crimped, constructed of wig hair and long holiday tinsel

Qs Beach Bug with palmered red chenille

Qs Beach Bug with palmered red chenille

The Electric Deceiver in all white ready to light em up!

The Electric Deceiver in all white ready to light em up!

Qs Jetty Rat, large sculpin with wire weed guard. a Kalico Killa

Qs Jetty Rat, large sculpin with wire weed guard. a Kalico Killa


EP blended sardinas, weighted on a gama s17 tarpon hook. tied for tuna


offshore large baits tied with wig hair and random rigged with stinger


offshore big boys and Qs calamari squid


early version of my silly crab, which is made by cutting a mold out of woodblock and hand pouring the legs with silicone


My new belize style, Pinche Crab, tied for permit


larger stocker trout fly tied with wig hair.

black bend back

black bend back

various color combos of sf blended baits

various color combos of sf blended baits

SF blended sardine

SF blended sardine

Q mullet with ep fibers

Q mullet with ep fibers

Q wigglers tied with hand cut black rubber bands

Q wigglers tied with hand cut black rubber bands

Q sculpin fly with fish skull heads

Q sculpin fly with fish skull heads


Qs RPC fly (red pelagic crab)


Qs version of Bob Popovic’s Ultra Shrimp with Flymen Shrimp Tail

The Minty Mac Clouser, tying directions. A great pattern for Calicos and White Sea bass


QMango Tango

The Mango Tango, flies tied to represent Mangrove shrimp


The Qs Deep Minnow based on the famous, Clouser Minnow but tied in a hi-tie fashion with all the materials tied on top of the shank between the dazzle eye and the eye of the hook.This allows the fly to dive deep. Don’t forget to use a loop knot. Also a little bend in the hook like a bend back or even a longer shank will help to insure a good hook set. Give it a try.


Flymen double barrel popper heads are easy and effective.


Craft hair shrimp with Flymen shrimp tail.


Qs Pinche Crab, a great permit pattern

Rattle Dines

Qs Rattle Dines tied on jig hooks


Qs Red Crab flies with custom claws


Qs interpretation of one of the greatest flies, The Lefty’s Deceiver


Qs Night Slider





15 thoughts on “salty flies

  1. Bad Ass! I wish this was around when I went to school at UCSB. I had lots of the beaches around campus to myself. There weren’t many people out there that fly fished and the patterns I was using then weren’t the best options but were all I had to go with. Those surf perch were awesome and every once in a while the halibut would cooperate. The Corbina constantly kicked my butt. Some day I will get back out there and give them hell. Keep up the good work.

    • ondafly

      thanks Justin! hope to see ya on the beach someday!

      • Greetings,
        Wonderful site. I do like to fish the surf and I often take my 6WT., and head down to the shore here is White Rock, B.C.,. So learning about differednt patterns is so important.

        I have had the occasion to Fly Fish San Diego with Jeff Stock and really enjoyed myself. We are hoping to fly down for a few days this Spring or next Winter.

        I am interested in your patterns for Bonefish in Hawaii. As I add more to my Fly box for the beaches of Maui. I just got back early Monday morning and I did spend a lot of time on rocks and sand with fly rod in hand.

        I actually caught a nice number of Bones and Popio’s this time. Maui is a “BITCH”, to fish but they are there and it is hard on Fly lines and lost flies.

        Your Thin Lizzie, Salty Sculpin work as do Deceiver’s as well as Bone fish pattern’s for Christmas Island.

        How can I get those patterns from the “Syndicate”??????

        Andy R.

  2. Charles Wright

    Thanks for the great flies. The Thin Lizzie link seems to direct you to the Minty Mac link. Thought you would want to know about the link mix up. I enjoy your information. Thanks, the surf is calling. Tight lines!

    • ondafly

      thanks for you reply, and kind words, charles, i will try and fix that asap.

  3. Steve Chan

    I saw you at Marriott’s a couple months ago when you were tying bonefish patterns for Hawaii. One fly was the Thin Lizzie and the other was a “Mickey Mantis”. Do you have the material list and tying instructions for the Mickey??
    Great blog with a lot of usefull information!!



  4. Tim Griffith

    Hello Al, I really like your sand crab pattern. Do you sell them ? If so were can I find them ?

    • ondafly

      Thanks Tim, I don’t know anyone who sells them, and I am trying to keep up with tying flies for myself these days. Maybe I can get Umpqua to carry it in the future?

  5. Jeff


    This is EXACTLY what I was looking! Excellent resource for socal fly fishing newbies like me. Thanks!

    I noticed some of the fly tying links send me to Saltwater magazine instead of the PDF instructions like the others. I would really like to see those instructions. Thanks again for putting this site together!


  6. Michael Mookini

    Great stuff!if you would send some info on the Mackie And smelt flys!

    • ondafly

      I am in the process of updating the website blog, I will hopefully get step by steps going on the next round…
      Thanks for visiting…


  7. Billy Jack

    Nice webpage! A lot of useful information on it. I’m going to try surf fishing for the first time in April when the family and I are out visiting in-laws, any chance I could get some of those flies? Or tell me where I could purchase some good salt flies? There are no fly shops I’m McCall Idaho where I’m from

    • ondafly

      Where are you planning on fishing and for what species? That will determine what type of flies you might need. I can definitely make some suggestions for you. I do not commercially tie these days but Umpqua Feather Merchants carry some of my patterns, your fly shop can order them for you.


  8. David Hoffberg

    Hello Al. Really enjoyed, and learned a lot at your presentation at The Spot. Checking out your blog, and when I click on a fly pattern, a travel ad pops up instead of tying instructions. Am I doing something wrong on my computer? David H.

    • ondafly

      David, the magazine that originally published my ghost whisper pattern has gone out of business, so that link is broken. I am working on updating my blog soon and will hopefully have all my patterns online! Sorry for that inconvenience!

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