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Don’t know about anyone else but as the world seems to be unraveling all I can think about is being in a happy, calm place with friends and family. Hope everyone out there stays safe, and is respectful to others around them…tight lines

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pic of the day…

A beautiful 27 inch, halibut landed off the surf last week on fly by veteran surf angler, Jim Solomon. The fish was released unharmed. @theflyzone Photo courtesy of Jim Solomon.

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pics of the day…

photos courtesy of Ryan Toal

photos courtesy of Ryan Toal

photos courtesy of Ryan Toal

My friend Ryan just emailed me a few pics from his trek through France. He has never fished there and is going to Ireland next. He seems to be having a great time so far, stream side in the Pyrennes catching grayling and wild rainbows while snacking on cheese, bread, prosciutto and wine, life is good! LOL

WTG buddy.

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SoCal Grunion runs…


It’s always a good thing to keep an eye out for the local grunion runs along our shores, they bring in the predators in tight, great time to hit the early morning surf with a clouser minnow fly or lucky craft. Tight lines

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Pic of the day!

Fish of a lifetime!

Don Okamoto retired from surf fishing for almost twenty five years. Today he decided to get back in the game and on his second cast hooked a doormat halibut using a go-to lucky craft lure. This is what is all about folks, eternal hope, the force that makes you realize any cast at anytime can brighten your world! Needless to say, Don is still shaking after our buddy Jim Solomon grabbed his phone to snap this great memory! WTG Don! 👊

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another happy angler of the FlyZone!

Still crushing them in Patagonia, our buddy Wayne, who has been working on his casting with the Fly Zone just texted us a few nice fish… “Thanks boys for the help in making this achievement possible!”  – Wayne

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pic of the day…


“Just returned from vacationing in Maui. Gotta thank you for guidance in casting techniques. What you told me to expect was exactly what occurred. I put your lessons to work and landed two of the largest bonefish of my career.” – Stuart

check out the Flyzone.net for expert guidance on casting and being prepared on the flats…

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The Barbless Podcast…

Check out the Barbless Podcast interview my buddy Conway Bowman did from San Diego that aired last week!
The Barbless Podcast is headquartered out of Chico CA.



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Tomorrow is the last shot over the bow!

Please join us on Wednesday, December 11th at
9:30 a.m. at the California National Resources Agency Building’s Auditorium in Sacramento for the Department of Fish & Wildlife commission meeting agenda item #9 regarding the Delta fisheries. The Auditorium is located at 1416 9th Street.

“If your in the Sacramento area, they need around 500 people to show up to stop this legislation” – Al Q

This is our last chance to advocate and fight to save our Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass in the Bay, Delta and rivers in Northern California.

Please share this flyer with your friends and post it on social media in order to get the word out.



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Qs Betta Bendback… three flies in one!

“The Qs Betta-Bendback pattern is three flies in one, deceiver, bendback and hi-tie!  it’s weedless, swims hook up when stripped fast and will stick em in the top lip, i would keep a few in your box, you never know when they will come in handy….photo by Al Q


copyright 2019 Artwork by Al Quattrocchi

Here’s a little sketch describing the process and thinking behind this pattern.

I will be doing a step by step soon, and a video showing this fly in action, so stay tuned… Al Q







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