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underwater gallery…


A digital rendering of Doug Aitken’s “pavilions,” geometric structures that are to be suspended underwater in a kelp-rich marine preserve off the town of Avalon on Catalina Island, in California.CreditDigital rendering by Doug Aitken Workshop/Parley for the Oceans/MOCA; Image by Conner MacPhee

Read the NY Times story here!

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hawaiian bliss…

Here’s a little photo collage of our trip last week to Molokai and Oahu with my friends Denny, Peter, Zino and Roy. This was my first Hawaiian bonefishing experience and my Hawaiian buds got it wired. We spent three days in Molokai and one day in Oahu. What an amazing fishery to experience first hand. Seeing two to three foot bonefish, dorsels and tails cutting through the water, less than ten feet from me in knee deep water was epic. In fact i am ruined, and keep playing those images in my head. The boys all did great, I had never fished there before and had a hard time getting those fish to eat the fly, well, I either spooked them or they plain out refused my offerings, maybe because I was a haole, LOL. I learned a ton and hopefully shall return one day with a better luck or game plan. I will say the weather, and tropical depression was not working in our favor, but that is all part of the game. If it was easy it wouldn’t keep you coming back. It’s not always about catching and I always take away something positive wherever I go. The highlights of the trip for me was the camaraderie, sunsets, great local food and great aloha spirit my friends showed me during my stay. I want to thank our friend Ken for his hospitality and sharing his backyard with us. Hawaii is a special place and I am blessed to have been able to experience that fishery with such good friends! Mahalo.

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Barracuda fly fishing is really an under-rated fun fishery, they jump, pull hard and are nasty looking.

Check out Frankie Marion’s recently produced barracuda-on-fly film here!  and please share it!

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it’s in the book…


Well, i can finally sleep at night knowing that that once in a lifetime achievement is officially recorded and documented by the IGFA. These two flyfishing records officially got in last friday. What a crazy morning, May 14th, 2016 was. Seems like a dream in slow motion. Special thanks to my pal, Dr. John Whitaker for taking me to the promiseland…

Hope to see some of you all at the Saltwater Fly gathering at the Southbay Flyfishing club in Westchester tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. Its an informal meeting to share information so we can all be better at the game we love…I will hopefully kick it off with an IGFA film of Ted Williams fly fishing the keys… tight lines

-Al Q

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the brook trout never lies…

Last weekend we got out to one of our local hot spots for a little morning action with our old friend Rick Olson of Olson Visual. Rick had just got back from a family road vacation to our National Parks with his family and he was ready for action. He needed a little fishing fix so when John Whitaker asked me if I knew anyone ready to play we got Rick into a few…it was a great morning on the water although it started off a little slow due to the slack low tide. Once the tide started to push and the current built, the fish started to chew. It was nice having a few bonus bonita boil around the boat willing to eat out flies. Most of the fish were feeding on small micro baits but the old standard #4 olive and white clouser minnows got chewed on pretty good. Thanks to John Whitaker for always being a gracious fishing host and by setting the new bar at 71 fish on his last outing on friday, we came up a little short but no one was complaining. The brook trout has been getting a work out! LOL

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pics of the day…

here are a few recap photos from the beach office…

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norwegian wood?


photo courtesy of dwell online magazine

How cool would it be to go to Norway to vacation and relax, mid century style? Check out this cool article from Dwell on these modern cabins by the sea… Click Here!

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island bliss…

Last Thursday was an insane day of offshore fly fishing with our friend and fish whisperer, Glenn Ueda aboard his 20 foot Edgewater. We targeted the island of Catalina with the main mission of getting our friend, Jim Solomon his first yellowtail on the fly. Well….Jimmy logged the first five yellowtail that morning in short order and was on fire all day long. It was a yellowtail, bonita bonanza! Even our buddy John Whitaker who launched from Redondo solo was slaying them.  It was five hours of doubles, triples, sore arms and lots of laughs…Thanks Glenn for allowing me to burn some of these fond memories on digital film!

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unbroken ground…


Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia is one of my heroes because he just doesn’t talk about stuff, he makes change by putting his foot and resources forward. Every individual is capable of making change in this world. We need a revolution of like-minded people for our planet to heal. Check out this twenty five minute film by director Chris Malloy (180 degrees South) to see what ordinary folks like you and me are capable of. Click Here!

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peter pan flies again…


photo courtesy of Rob Aaron Gordon/Garden&Gun magazine

From downhill skiing to tournament tarpon, Andy Mill has always been a winner and a great advocate/ambassador for saltwater flats flyfishing for tarpon. Always willing to share knowledge. I had to good fortune to interview Andy for an FFSW article I did years ago on the origin of the “Toad Fly”.  I remember Andy was enthusiastic and passionate to share his talents as a great tarpon fisherman with me. Here’s a nice article from Garden & Gun magazine about his relationship to his middle son, Nicky and their tarpon fishing adventures in the keys. Click Here!

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