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just encase? new clear boxes


Check out these cool clear storage boxes that can be used for big or small flies…developed by muskie fisherman but have get fly potential as well…

Click Here!

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ca king tides project…


This just came across my desk the other day by my contributing editor, Dr. John Whitaker.
Check out this website, it sounds like a great project the we can all participate in.

December 2016
We are looking forward to King Tides on Dec 12-14 & Jan 10-13!  Get ready to head out to your local beach, lagoon or wetland and help us document king tides next week. Follow the photo-taking guidelines and use this tide chart to find high tide heights and times for all of SoCal.

Join us January 11, 2017 for an Urban Tides Community Beach Walk in Torrance. We’ll take photos, chat about sea level rise, the benefits of natural shorelines, and the latest scientific modeling results that project sea level rise and coastal storms in Southern California.  Meet at 7:30 AM at the end of the strand near the main lifeguard station on Torrance Beach. The closest cross streets are Paseo de la Playa and Via Rivera.

Click Here!

Links to Videos!

Malibu Lagoon Video!

San Diego Coast Video!

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holy cow…pic of the day


BAM! A giant 49 inch striped bass landed on the fly, somewhere out of Massachusetts on Halloween night. She was released unharmed.

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simms pro delta day 2016…

Last weekend, my friend Zino and I decided to hit it early on a Friday morning from sunny Los Angeles and drive north to Bethal Island (aprox. 5.5 hour drive) to the CA Delta. The Sugar Barge on Bethal Island is home of the annual Simms Pro Delta Day hosted by our old friend, John Sherman of Simms. The main event was Saturday from noon to late in the evening and sponsors of this event were Simms, Costa , Hatch Outdoors and Yeti. It was a record turnout with I believe 150 participants. Some of my favorite seminars were Cast Hope, Costa’s Kick Plastic, hearing Bobby Barrack rant on bass fishing (worth the price of admission!) and a panel talk with Delta pioneer Dan Blanton, and guides Maury Hatch and Noel de Guzman on various fishing techniques they have implemented for landing fish in the Delta. This event is like a homecoming for me, I get to see many of the old faces that are still in the industry and mingle with many of the newcomers too, it is a really cool, social event and I am proud of John Sherman for building it up each year, the first one was held in his backyard, around six years ago.

So we got to fish half a day after our long drive, (friday afternoon) with Dan Blanton, an old friend and mentor of mine. No-one knows the Delta fishery better than Dan. I remember back when he first fished it with Nick Curcione and started to write about it’s diversity and fishability. Conditions were not optimal but we still scratched out about a dozen or so fish in a few hours. The fishing was a little off probably due to the super moon phase. I have caught many stripers in my lifetime and I know first hand, full moon tides fish great at night, stripers are low light, nocturnal predators. The fish although small and plentiful on the meter were probably full to their stomach and were laying low during the day, but we managed to force feed a few. Highlight for me was getting a few blowups and one small fish to eat a popper.

The second day conditions were similar, when we fished the early am tides with Capt. Bryce Tedford. Bryce was enthusiastic about trying some big fish water with less anglers and we we all for that plan. We fished hard for Bryce and we scratched out about a dozen small fish in around four hours, all fun! The CA Delta is facing many challenging issues and with our new republican administration may be under siege once again. It is a beautiful place with many big fish for those willing to put in the time, I hope the water stays in the Delta for generations to come, it a remarkable place. I always look forward to next year!

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running the coast…

Words really can not describe the great striped bass migration on the east coast, one really needs to witness it first hand to understand the mysterious beauty and power of nature doing what it has done for as long as there was man, fish and bait… my friend Jamie Howard is a master of capturing wonderful moments in film.

I met Jamie back when he was filming Bass: The Movie, with my other good buddy, John Sherman. We had dinner one night in Santa Monica while they were filming and had a few laughs.

Jamie’s fly fishing video portfolio is crazy good including many classic videos such as Chasing Silver, In Search of a Rising Tide, Location X and Chasing Silver: Andy’s Return. Jamie has a way of being there when it counts, he surrounds himself with the best in the business for sure. He has that knack of allowing the viewer to discover those magical moments as if they are experiencing them for the first time. Running The Coast is long, its about three and a half hours, fortunately broken into three sections, Spring, Summer and Fall. I sat through the entire film in one sitting, I couldn’t stop watching it. It has many of my dear flyfishing friends in it which makes me a little bias but none the less the cinematography is awesome and all the characters Jamie has chosen to support the story of the stripah migration are perfect industry ambassadors. I would highly suggest you guys purchase and stream this video for yourself or fanatical fishing friends for the holidays…it’s a great ride! – Al Q

CLICK HERE for more information on how to purchase and stream this film!


Jamie Howard’s selfie holding a 13+ largemouth bass held up at a undisclosed location. photo courtesy of Jamie Howard. Nice dude!

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pic of the week…


A beautiful twenty plus peacock bass landed by my friend, Eric Ersch from The Fly Shop, somewhere in the Amazon Jungle, LOL. Photo courtesy of Eric Ersch.

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legendary flats guide and fly-fishing pioneer Bill Curtis has passed away…


excerpt courtesy of the IGFA Hall of Fame inductee page.

Read a nice tribute by our friend Kirk Deeter on Bill’s passing in Angler Trade magazine.

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pizza and feathers…


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first marlin on fly….


all images courtesy of Youtube and IGFA


Watch this cool vintage footage of great big game angler, Doc Robinson and his wife Helen, also a great angler, (Mrs. Robinson set women’s world records, among them the 1961 capture of a 796-pound black marlin and a 584-pound black marlin in 1962, both at Pinas Bay, Panama) hooking what is believed to be the first striped marlin on fly in Baja. courtesy of the IGFA archives and YouTube. Click Here!

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where it all began…


(Fish & Fisheries Building as photographed from the Wooden Island)


Great website on The North Pond Casting Pier and Chicago’s fly fishing history…

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