it’s that time…

A cruising Corbina in shallow water. photo by Al Quattrocchi

With water temps right where they need to be we have seen many nice size fish cruising the shallow surf line this week. With many new anglers out corbina sight casting, scrambling for prime real estate, please be mindful to give others space when casting. I caution the posting of backgrounds on social media, they tend to give away areas we have discovered and been fishing for many more years than the new wave of anglers have. Have fun but please be respectful.




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2 thoughts on “it’s that time…

  1. Cary Asper

    Ok that’s rich. respectfully, You have been promoting the hell out of SoCal corbina fishing for years . Looks like you’re reaping what you sow. Or something like that.


    • There’s a fine line between teaching and promoting. I believe we learn from the journey not the destination. I never tell people where to fish, I teach them how to fish. I think social media can be a curse especially when people give away hard earned places to the masses, many not good custodians of the resources?

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