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massive bluefin landed on spinning gear? say what?

Massachusetts Capt. Dom Petrarca just made history landing a massive 597 pound bluefin tuna on spinning tackle. Something that has been up until now unheard of. Due to the quality of today’s tackle and fast boat skills it opens a new chapter in tuna fishing for anglers…

“My anglers were rock stars, as soon as the fish was hooked, we instantly knew it was of size. As line melted off the spool at an alarming rate, we cleared everything off the rails and began chasing this demon…directly into the tide and wind, straight into the waves. The first 20 minutes were spent with heavy throttle, an angler pinned to the combing bolsters along the rail, reeling like mad as we tried to get enough line back on the spool to handle the next run, as the fish went east, west, then back to east, all at a distance of 3 to 4 football fields away from us anytime it switched direction. The line was stretched out a good 60 to 70 yards horizontal to the water before it even entered, indicating typical behavior of a really BIG fish.”

Read the full story here!


 A 597-pound bluefin tuna is landed off the Cape Cod area. photo courtesy of Coastal Fishing Charters

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redfish confetti by derek deyoung

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.14.46 PM


I am a big fan of contemporary fish master painter, Derek DeYoung. You have seen his artwork everywhere these days from Simms to Abel reels. It is always fun watching an artist in their studio painting to understand their process. It gives their artwork a whole new perspective. Hope you enjoy this…

Check out the video!

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good old jack, an american original!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.41.29 AM

Check out this video snap shot of Jack Gartside’s life while he was alive fishing, tying and living in Boston. He was a true fly fishing pioneer with many innovative fly patterns attached to his name. Jack was a character and those that new him could attest to that. Some of his most notable saltwater patterns include the soft hackle streamer and Jack’s Gurgler.  I regret that I never shared the beach alongside him but have many great stories by some of my close friends that did…

Click here!

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crazy charlie ain’t so crazy…

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.07.19 AM

Check out this really sweet video on Charlie Smith (inventor of the crazy charlie fly) and his son Prescott Smith who both have a vision to make the world a better place.

Click Here!

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if you could be a fish, what would you be?

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 1.49.58 PM

Do you know which fish best suits your personality? I took the test and turned out to be a salmon. Take the Test!

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fishing the pens…


For those ambitious anglers trying to target a bluefin on fly this article on saltwater sportsman will outline the drill. click here! You need to find the perfect window, with calm seas to make that long run possible and more economical on the wallet. If you put in the time, make the commitment, and stick to our plan, it can be done. Make sure you have your Mexican fishing license. It is a known fact that the bluefin like to circle those pens in 6o feet of water so marking fish deep and setting up a chum ladder, throwing some live bait will get those bad boys going if all the stars are aligned. I hope we see a few on fly this year…

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variety is the spice…

I am glad some of my fly fishing buddies are knocking down some fun local species on fly last week…

Peter Koga lands a nice calico with John Whitaker and Al Q. Photo by Al Q

Peter Koga lands a nice calico with John Whitaker and Al Q last Saturday fishing in the southbay. Photo by Al Q

Glen Ueda nails a bunch of nice firecracker yellows off Catalina last friday on fly. Photo by Glen Ueda

Glen Ueda nails a bunch of nice firecracker yellows off Catalina last friday on fly. Photo by Glen Ueda

Zino Nakasuji sight fished his first corbina on fly last week in the OC. photo by Zino Nakasuji

Zino Nakasuji sight fished his first corbina on fly last week in the OC. photo by Zino Nakasuji

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nice night time calico bass landed by Glenn Ueda. photo by Glen Ueda.

nice night time calico bass landed by Glenn Ueda. photo by Glen Ueda.

This was a post my buddy Glenn wrote (below) and he pretty much summed it up…  i will add Glen is a class act, a great fishing partner and fly fisherman.  Watching him sub do this beast in hostile conditions (rocks, kelp) was a thing of beauty! it was good times and their was no luck involved, experience always pays off. I was glad I was there to share this great moment with him…

“Under a rising moon, cutting through a persistent yet manageable wind chop, it wasn’t long before we were speed drifting our beloved wall, peppering casts between kelp lanes, with Al’s “Thin Lizzie” doing damage early. Then it slowed with intermittent flurries, to break up long periods of laughter and storytelling, as the bass geared up for their nightly assault. Drifting further east under calming conditions and with the Bee Gee’s “Night Fever” thumping from the Queen Mary, things switched ON. Shouts of, “BIT ON THE SINK!” and “THERE’S A DOUBLE” covered the Edgewater for the next ninety minutes. It was good, REAL GOOD. Eventually satiated and with reddened bass thumbs and big fat grins on full display, we blasted home at 5,000 rpms under the orangey glow of the harbor lights. Thank Al for a fun-filled evening of calico bass on the fly.”


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quick release…

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.38.33 AM

Here’s an cool video from our friend John Whitaker who helped raise these juvenile white sea bass at the SeaLab pens in Redondo Beach Harbor. 9000 white sea bass were released on August 2, 2014! This is where some of our California fishing license money goes. Good stuff!
Click here!

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trough of dreams…

photos courtesy of Glenn Ueda.

photos courtesy of Glenn Ueda.

This year’s poster child and corbina savant Glenn Ueda with corbina number 24(left) and 25(right). Glenn is having what we call a dream season, sort of like when Ted Williams batted .403!
It ain’t over! I think he still has a little fire left in his stick and a few more to be caught before this season starts to slow down…couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Way to go dude!


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